Tuesday, September 16, 2008

great kids rooms

I love this! Perfect for (cow)boys or (cow)girls! From Taverne Agency

A little round up of cool kids rooms for all ages and sexes. Enjoy!

Quirky and cool. The painted wall silhouette is a brilliant idea. Up the cleverness again and make it chalkboard paint to keep them visually and creatively stimulated. From VT Wonen

Trees in nurseries are not new, but this is particularly beautiful. Paint on the trunk and branches then cut out a gazillion tissue-paper flowers and stick on for the see-through effect. For my next baby (!) I think I want one of these Leander hanging cradles. Pic from VT Wonen

A chandelier and mozzie net make for a romanticly girlie room. I know we're not meant to place canopies or mobiles above a baby's sleeping space but I think as long as it's so secure there is no chance of it falling and they're small enough that they won't be able to reach up and pull on it or get wrapped up in it, I don't see the problem. I think maybe we're too careful these days... From Taverne Agency
The nerd in me loves the learning aspect of a wall map; the decorator-obsessed in me loves the look of it. A win-win! From Taverne Agency.
A daybed gives tweens a hang-out spot of their own during the day and princess bed at night. From Taverne Agency

If you're going to invest in a wall of custom-made beds, might as well include extras for all those sleepovers! The inbuilt storage in each bunk is a good idea - allows the kids to give their own space their own personality. No idea where this picture came from. If you know, please let me know!


Chantal Butcher said...

hi Belinda,

thanks for visiting styledbaby again,

at this stage we are having our launch on the 15th of november, followed by an elaunch, which i will make sure you get.

we are busily sourcing hot baby products from around the globe, but mainly the US and we have decided to have the bedding made here locally.

cant wait, we will have the hottest baby wrap carrier in Australia. well it is according to me. LOL

Dani, Luke and Ten said...

Loving the map on the wall and the cityscape...I can only dream of having a room that fantastic!!

Steph Bond said...

Does anyone know where we can get the map on the wall?