Monday, December 1, 2008

a family-friendly home

Love this Anthropologie chair

It can be tricky decorating your home when you have kids. There are those places that are overrun by the kids and their toys, then there are those that show no signs of children at all. I'd like to think I'm somewhere inbetween. I refuse to buy licensed products and I try to keep the amount of stuff in the living room to a minimum. And those toys that are on display are usually the nice ones - classic and wooden: wooden train set, wooden blocks etc. Of course it's not always like this, but I try. I love seeing signs of a child's life in pictures of people's homes and it really bugs me that a lot of mags overstyle the rooms to remove all this. But I found this place (via Design*Sponge) had perfect balance. Grown-up rooms with a few childish pieces that don't make you want to stick your hands to the sides of your legs so you don't break anything (I STILL do this while walking through the crockery departments in DJs and Myer. I'm a real clutz). Here are two simply stylish ideas to steal for your own common living zone.

1. Give them grown-up furniture with childlike style (above) Yes the couches are white (but I bet they're easily-removable slipcovers), but this vibrant chair certainly isn't. The style fits with the rest of the room, but the pattern is bright and cheery for little people and would easily disguise their grubby little marks they'd inevitably leave on it at some stage. It can be turned around to face the other couches when visitors call by, or left as is to create a kids zone within the same room. I love, love the little wooden car and trailer!

An Ikea Lack coffee table paired with a Lack side table makes one big happy table family. Images via Design*Sponge

2. Buy a mini version of your essentials I think I'll steal this idea for my own place: their own designated space within your own. Your coffee table doesn't become their scribble desk, but a side table pushed up against it does. This way, you get to leave your table styled how you like it, while they get to unleash their creative side in your line of sight. And it doesn't look odd at all!

You can see more of this cool place right here

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Jayne said...

These are some great ideas I will use thanks Belinda. I have recently renovated our home with the standard wash-and-wear white paint but with more grown up features such as charcoal walls and furniture, lots of storage and bright child friendly alcoves! We can only live in hope to achieve a stylish family friendly home... ask me in 5 years once the boys are older.