Thursday, November 6, 2008

awesome apple party!

How pretty is the green pattern? All images via Swanky Tables

While looking through blogland for inspiration for Zak's second birthday, I came across this: a very cool apple themed party put on by none other than Nathalie from Imprintables - an Australian range of gorgeous invitations, stationery and party goods. I'm guessing it was for her son, but how great is it all? Very flash - it's so good, it looks magazine-styled. I have yet to decide what I'll do for Zakky's party - if anything at all as it's only immediate family with a whole three kids on top of my own - but I'm pretty sure it won't look as good as this! heh


Considering his invitations were these little colouring-in cards with his handiwork on it, I thought maybe a "colouring" party: we could do the big Ikea roll of paper over a table, crayons and pencils at the ready and maybe even a little cardboard cubby as I wrote about below. Can you believe the day after I wote that post, I saw another cardboard cubby in the new Inside Out. I loved what they did with it: covered it in wallpaper. This one is cheaper and rather stylish I must say. Then I think to just do away with the whole theme thing because the kids are just going to want to play with everything else other than what you set out. It's always the way! Hmmm, decisions, decisions.

Yummy toffee apples!

So have you had a themed party for your kids? Or attended one? What did you do?

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mrika said...

hey there ... you've a lovley blog. do take a peek at mine, :-)

you'll notice how i'm very much into themed parties too, enjyoing the whole process of decorating and making favours according to the set theme. all the best in your coming party and do blog about it! look fwd to hearing from you. :-)