Monday, November 10, 2008

did you know...?

FREE! Download and print out these cute flash cards to teach your child the alphabet. Get it here (you'll need to sign up to see them - it's free)

... that the Huggies website has free downloadable alphabet cards? And playdough recipes? And craft ideas? And great games and things to do with your kids? I didn't. I found this out on the back of a Huggies box (hey, at the moment, when they're on special, my stingy side wins out over the green side). So I checked out the site, signed up and yep! There they are - here. It's not bad actually - if you're ever stuck on a rainy day, head there for some ideas if you just can't bare to read Thomas the Tank Engine for the 425th time.

And a few more. You also have the option of printing them out in black and white so the kids can colour them in - clever thinking by those Huggies people

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