Friday, November 14, 2008

my swan princess

Organic Swan Onesie, $US18 by Green Thread Shop

There seem to be a few select nicknames that babies get: bubs, monkey, princess. I'm afraid I'm not very original: Zak is monkey because he's so cheeky and cute. It's also his most fave toy ever, but for all the love, he refuses to call it monkey: he calls it "Ooh Ahh". And so far, Layla is Angel or Princess because, well, they seem so girlie. I was calling her Princess Layla and was a little horrified when it dawned on me we'd named her after a Star Wars character. But when I mentioned this to my Star Wars guru of a husband Steve, he assured me it's actually Princess Leia. Close, though.

Steve is of the opinion that because Zak's nickname is also his fave toy, Layla needs a two-in-one too. So Swan Princess she has become. He thought a swan was fitting for a little girl - white (which she SO is), graceful and beautiful. And if she inherits my long neck, all the more fitting! So far, not much luck in the swan toy department, but I did find this cute little organic onesie with a swan on it which I'm going to get her for Chrissy. But in a week or so because I discovered the seller is coming to Australia and will be shipping from here the week of Nov 22 which will mean it's cheaper! I'm a thrifty girl at heart...

Now I know I'm not the most original, but there must be some good nick names out there - so share away! And don't forget the story behind it!

PS: My monkey's 2nd birthday party is on Sunday. I decided on a bit of a "ball" theme (well, "round" theme) because he's completely obsessed with balls. I'll share pics on Monday.

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Anonymous said...

Our little girl is TikiBoo. It started as Chicken and morphed via "Chicken Tikka" to become TikiBoo, which stuck. It then became the name for my business, we loved it so much!