Monday, November 17, 2008

happy birthday zak!

My birth day! November 16, 2006

To celebrate Zakky's second birthday yesterday (a few party pics here), I thought I'd share some of those baby book memories you start out doing religiously, then kind of neglect and don't even bother with for the next child (poor second and subsequent children!).

First proper smile: 2 weeks
First laugh: 4 weeks
First roll over: three months
First time sitting up: six months
First crawl: eight months
First steps unattended: 12 months
First word: Dada
First word that wasn't a parent: Shoes
Most recent word: Castle (he got a jumping castle for his birthday)
Favourite toy: Monkey, or "Ooh Ah"
Favourite book: At the moment, "Busy Dumpers"
Favourite song: Alphabet song
Favourite show: Right this minute "Trains" (Thomas the Tank Engine)
I love to... kick a ball, bowl a ball, catch a ball, hit a ball with a golf club, cricket bat, tennis racket and ocassionally the gardening fork. Basically do anything with a ball.
I know... my whole alphabet, numbers up to 30, all my colours, most shapes, animals and modes of transport, most sports, all my family and extended family member's names and who goes with who (ie, partners and children) and a few German words.
I really like... doing puzzles, reading my books, drawing 0s and 1s, being challenged and feeding the ducks at the waterfront.
At the moment I'm completely obsessed with... dump trucks and trains.
I'm really good at... giving spontaneous cuddles and kisses and remembering my manners
I don't like... bathtime (at the moment)
I love to laugh at... my little sister Layla


Viv said...

Too sweet! He looks like a little treasure. What great memories.

I should make sure to keep track of when Robbie first smiles, says his first word etc. I swear I think he's already smiling but it's hard to tell if it's real or not. How do you know?

Natalie Walton said...

Oh, Belinda. This really tugs at my heart strings. He is just so adorable and I can see how he has changed so quickly which makes me realise that it is going to be the same for Charlie, too.

Aimie xxx said...

awww that was well sweet bel!! bless him lol
its wierd lookin at those pics when he was first born!! doesnt seem that long ago at all!!
love to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxx

fi said...

oh happy birthday to your little man my youngest turns two next month.Time flys dosnt it? hope he likes the jumping castle:)

belinda graham said...

viv - it's hard to tell, but i think you just know when it's a smile. the nurses will tell you for the world it's just "wind" but there is a difference and you'll know it when you see it. it's in their eyes x

belinda graham said...

nat, yep, it'll go quickly - feels like yesterday i just gave birth. but at the same time, it seems like so much has been crammed into those two years and it's hard to recall life without him, which makes it feel like a long time. babies are one of those weird time black holes! x

belinda graham said...

hi Fi - he loves the castle! already had his little friends around for mother's group here last week so they could all try it out. hilarious - i was sure they'd be on that all day, but mostly they were all crammed around the little playdoh table!!

Louise said...

yay the 16th ! ... my first born is the 16th Nov ...
Louise @ Skout Trade fair