Friday, August 29, 2008

beaut baby buys

Recycled paper + soy inks = eco-friendly art with a learning vibe: perfect! Animal poster, $US60, Ink + Wit

I've blogged about this before, but... I'm a bit of a nerd. I don't think I've ever bought a present for a child that didn't have some kind of educational element to it (poor children). And I think it's rubbed off: Zak is obsessed with the ABC. So much so that whenever he sees a street sign, TV show credits, magazine cover, food packaging, numberplate - you get the picture - he'll point to and yell out all the letters he knows "Aaay!" "Cee!" "Two Os" "Sssss" "Eeeee". And won't stop unless I tell him he's right. He won't go to sleep at night unless we say goodnight to his Made By Girl ABC poster as part of his goodnight room routine. And I spend a lot of my day singing the alphabet song. He's also incredibly good at making animal noises. Ask him any animal and he'll make the noise or action (oh, ok he doesn't know about elks and thinks deers are dogs, but he does know a lot). So when I saw this Ink + Wit poster, I figured I'd found his idea of heaven: a combination of animals and the ABC. Isn't it cute? Perhaps it can be part of his 2nd birthday gift arsenal... It's by talented artist and stationery designer Tara Hogan. A quick look through her site had me coveting these gorgeous letterpress invites. Zak's birthday is fast approaching - November will be here before I know it - so a party plan is not far away.

Letterpress invites, $US24 for six with envelopes, Ink+Wit

So, 'fess up time: what is your child obsessed with?
Happy weekend x

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