Tuesday, August 26, 2008

welcome to... amelia's room

The welcoming committee president

Bright and cheery is the best way to describe this pretty room! And I'd say it describes little Amelia, known as Milly, too (check out her amazing adventures on her very own blog here) - she's a cutie! Her mum, Sarah, just finished her room and I asked her to share. Here's proof renters can do remarkable things with limited options!

Who sleeps here? Amelia Joan, once she moves out of Mum and Dad's bedroom in a few months. Until then, toys and the occasional visitor sleep here.
What was your initial inspiration for the room? Probably my own childhood, which was all bold colours and wooden toys. I definitely wanted to avoid anything commercial or too themed but still wanted a fun space. There is a 'nature' sub-theme happening too, seen in the garden-theme wall decals and all of the framed pictures, which contain images of birds and dragonflies. This was inspired by my slightly weird obsession with birds.

fun decals give a beige wall life and something for milly to talk to (or coo at)!

How did you build on this inspiration? The decals came first; because we rent, I had to use something on the walls that could be easily removed. At that point I planned to make green my highlight colour, but then we found the striped rug and cushions and everything just took on a life of its own. I didn't set out to have everything quite so multicoloured, but when I found the lamp and the mobile, they just worked and so I went from there. We kept the sofa covers neutral as a canvas for all the colour.

frames aren't just for photographs - go for fave cards, personalised art or anything that means something to you or your child

What's your fave piece in the room? Probably the mobile. It was such a perfect find, colour-wise, and Milly is entranced by it. I also love the practicality of the two single sofa beds, as this room also needs to be used for visitors. They can be used as a double bed when neccessary. The gorgeous patchwork comforter gets an honourable mention also!

love this idea: two single sofa beds that still create one couch but two beds (or one bigger one if they're shacked up! or just want more space!)

Best bargain? The cot - $50 on eBay. Also bought on eBay was the change table ($100) and our Bugaboo pram ($590).
Biggest splurge? The mobile - $72 from pukapuka

display fave books anywhere! a little toy can double as a bookend.

Any handmade touches you did yourself? I painted some cheap wooden frames (3 for $2 from Ikea) and framed some greeting cards I had been hoarding for years (I knew they'd be perfect for something one day!). I also made the framed letter A from scrapbooking paper.

don't waste an inch of space in small rooms - the back of the door is the perfect spot for secret storage

How would one get this look? Start with neutral walls and natural furniture and then go to town with layers of multicolour! The more colour the better, but keep it bold. Don't be afraid of mixing patterns either.

princess milly's bed chambers (and royal servants)

Nursery buy you can't live without? Cloth nappies for the change table. We bought a pack of brightly coloured ones from Big W and they don't show up stains like white change table covers. If one gets dirty, you can just whip it off and replace with another.

the perfect baby occupier: a whimsical mobile

What's next for this space? For this space, I forsee a return to a boring beige existence! We hope to buy our own house within a year, so I hope that the next space I decorate for Milly will be ours to really let loose in.

Thanks Sarah and Milly for the tour! If you have a great kids room or nursery you think others would be inspired by, I want to know about it! Please! Email at bgraham@acpmagazines.com.au


Allison said...

The quilt, oh the gorgeous quilt!

May I ask where it is from?

Sarah Rogers said...

Hi Allison,

It is gorgeous, isn't it? Like the vast majority of my nursery purchases, it's from Ikea!


Courtney said...

what an adorable room! i'm inspired! I'm preggo with #3 and have to carve out another nursery somewhere, so every idea helps! thanks Belinda!