Wednesday, August 20, 2008

eye candy: playrooms

If you can't separate the sleeping and play areas, create a playful sleeping zone - love this cubby under a high bed. I had something similar as a kid - my dad built an extra high bed (like a metre from the ceiling!) and through the years the space underneath was used as a cubby, a desk area, a wardrobe and then a chill-out zone until my teenage self demanded the legs be chopped off so I could have a "normal" bed like everyone else!

When I was young, my two sisters and I shared one room and had the other as a playroom. It was awesome - when we weren't outside in our cubby house or pool or on the swings, we were in there, getting crafty or reading or playing with our toys. I really want to do the same thing for Zak and Layla, although in our limited space, they'd probably take the large room and have a sleeping corner while the rest could be a wonderland of fun and creativity. I'm already planning what I'd do - I'll do a moodboard if I ever get some time and show you - but until then, here are a few pretty playrooms to inspire.

Crisp white background lets the colourful toys and fabrics take centre stage.

I used this pic as inspiraton for Zak's chalkboard toy box, only his didn't turn out quite so lovely! Perfect double-duty storage and sitting spot.

Who doesn't love a teepee? Zak got one for his birthday last year and we often have picnics in it outside. Inside it works well as a cosy reading nook or hideaway. And how sweet is the doll's house? All picture above from Living Etc

If you don't have a room dedicated to a playspace, create one in a corner of your living room, like this homeowner has. Perfect to keep an eye on the little ones while you're, well, living! Picture by Hilary Walker

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