Monday, August 11, 2008

is it wrong to be thinking about christmas already?

Christmas sacks, $55 each, Cocoon Couture

Cause I am. Mainly because I saw these gorgeous little Christmas sacks from Cocoon Couture. I have to get Layla a stocking of some kind anyway, so might as well splurge and get them both one of these gorgeous sacks (cause I just know a normal stocking won't be big enough for their goodies anyway!) But the one thing that I really want to get the kids for Christmas won't fit in any sized sack. I want a little climbing frame and cubby house. I'm going to get my dad to build it, only he doesn't know it yet! So what's on your wishlist for your kiddies' christmas? I never thought I'd have so much fun and satisfaction in shopping for other people!
I'm off to Canberra to visit my parents this week, so might not be around much. Have a good week!


lara said...

its not wrong to be thinking about christmas, but you could seriously make one of those sacks, you know DIY! How much nicer to have a something handmade by your Mum?

belinda graham said...

you know what lara? you're so right I could - and should - make something like this myself. i'll make it my next project and if successful (i said IF!) i'll post a how-to on here xx

Anonymous said...