Tuesday, October 7, 2008

bestest teeny tiny summer hat for teeny tiny babies

Toshi's Red Stripe Sun Flap Hat, $19.95, Baby's Got Style

When my son was born, my sister sent me the cutest little outfit from London where she was living at the time. It was a onesie, socks and a hat. The little suit didn't get much wear thanks to the rapid rate at which babies grow, but the hat? It was summer so it was on all the time. I've never had so many "where did you get that?" questions from other mums! Unbeknownst to me at the time, hats with back flaps for newborns are really hard to find. There are plenty of brim hats, but they don't stay on and are always too big. Apparently, clothing designers feel that newborns don't see much sunlight in their first few months. But this is Australia, and we love our outdoors, so a hat is a must.
I was ready to dig out Zak's blue one for Layla and just handle the "boy" comments, but then I found the perfect one by Toshi. I got it in Canberra a few months ago and she's worn it pretty much every sunny day since. It's got the brim and the back flap, but it's even cleverer with a tie for around the neck so it won't slip off AND an adjustable tie at the back so you can ensure it fits around baby's head perfectly too. Plus, it's reversible so on the very odd chance your child dirties it in any way (!) you can just turn it over. Gold! I also have a vague recollection that the label said it's made from organic cotton, which at the moment is my big nerdy must, but more on that next time...
Toshi's website isn't quite up and running yet, but you can grab one from Baby's Got Style here. I'd never heard of the label before, but I've since seen them at the Reed Gift Fair and noticed they just sell hats. And beautiful ones at that. Must be a clever Australian mum behind the label who had the same trouble as all those other mums I met! The ones with little ears are cute too! If you know of any others, don't keep it a secret - share! x

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