Thursday, October 16, 2008

nursery inspiration: heavenly neutrals

Am in love... VT Wonen do it again

I have a great nursery tour to show you tomorrow (am too insanely busy to post it tonight), so until then let's just take in the prettiness of this nursery, shall we? Love the wallpaper, the Eames rocker (try Matt Blatt), the Flokati (Ikea have a similar one), the cuckoo clock (get one at Cleverdicks), the wicker toy storage basket, the cushion - oh my GOD the cushion - even more stunning than these ones! Oh hell, I love it all. I wish Layla was going into her own room cause I'd totally rip this off.

EDIT: Just discovered via Vivien's blog (see her tour, above) that Hart & Heim don't stock the clocks anymore, but she was a supersleuth and found someone who does: Cleverdicks. I jumped on to have a look and ended up finally buying one myself. Oops. Have wanted one for some time, though - reminds me of the real one we had as kids from Germany. Only this one is much more stylish!


lady T said...

That's one beautiful nursery.. It makes me want to have a baby!! hehe

The VT Women site is gorgeous, thanks for the tip! Also, in case you didn't know, you can use google translator to read the site in english.. my dutch is non existent!!

belinda graham said...

Will have to give the translator a try - thanks! I have a few overseas mags I go to regularly - and blindly!!!

Alannah Rose said...

that nursery is just divine, agree on the cushion, everything, drool! xx

Anonymous said...