Wednesday, October 1, 2008

let's start a mummy-card trend!

Aren't they beautiful? A huge thanks to Alischa at Bespoke Press for my cards. You can see the process behind them here at her blog. Image from Bespoke Press

You might recall me wondering whether people would think mother's daft by handing out "mummy cards" a while back. Well, after that post, several companies approached me for a trial run to see how they went. A big thank you to them all, but I went with Bespoke Press - a new Queensland letterpress company that designs and makes beautiful couture stationery. Bespoke Press owner and blogger Alischa had been following the trend closely in the States and was looking to include mummy cards in her range. I was the guinea pig!!

The strange thing was, I'd never really found myself in a situation before where I'd need these, but would you believe while Alischa was busy designing, pressing and inking my beautiful cards, there were two ocassions that I found myself wishing I had them in my wallet! I'd met a lovely woman in a park with three little boys who Zak had taken a shining to (or really their ball, but I'm sure he had fun playing with them too!) and whom I wouldn't have minded getting to know better (cause, really, it's a weird thing making random friends after a certain age, isn't it? You can't just walk up to them and say "love your shoes! want to be my friend?" after, say, age five).

And then a few weeks later at mother's group in the playground we were chatting to a woman wh0'd just moved up here with her young family and didn't know anyone. Her son is the same age as ours, so we invited her to join our group - such the exclusive club it is: invitation-only! Ha! Turns out though I was able to hand my card over the next time we met up and she's already put it to good use. And today I gave one to my plasterer instead of just writing down my phone number. So it's not just for other mums, because he was most certainly not a mum.

I've also given them to my friends and family cause in this day and age, if we don't have our mobiles on us or our computers at our fingertips, we're at a loss to recite a phone number or email address, right? I barely remember my own, let alone everyone elses.

So, I've got off the fence and have chosen the "great idea" side. They're also a great talking point - even if the person receiving them secretly thinks you're all weird and self-important, you bet they'll make a comment about it along the lines of "what a great idea!"

And plus, what better way to score a celebrity-baby playdate. Can't you just see Sarah Murdoch and Naomi Watts exchanging mummy cards at the beach? Just slip yours in too and you're so there!

Want some for yourself? Have a chat to Alischa at Bespoke Press - can't thank her enough for my cards; love them. Also try the fun and funky designs at Mummy Cards - they also do cards for kids (how cute!), photo cards and the director, Alison, said they're also popular for highlighting specific needs or allergies for schools and/or friend's families.


Chantal Butcher said...

glad to see you back on deck belinda, stunning cards, makes me wish i was your friend jst so could get one. LOL

Polka Dot Bride said...

Alannah Rose does gorgeous ones too

belinda graham said...

awww Chantal, online friends don't need cards - you know where to reach me!

Cute to add pic to calling cards, thanks for link Polka Dot Bride! x

Alison said...

Hi Belinda,

Thank you for mentioning my product Mummy Cards. Just wanted to mention that the link in your blog isn't working but your readers can visit my site at
Many thanks,

Louise said...

ha ha ha - I love the "I like your shoes, do u want to be my friend" comment ! .. so true ! .. altho I DID tell a woman the other day that I loved her shoes !