Tuesday, October 28, 2008

kids do the funniest things

How cute is this? That's talent!

My son is the funniest person I know. Every day I'm in stitches at something he says or does, whether it's his commentary while on the job - "biiiiig poo mummy" - or him blaming me for Layla's incredibly loud and incredibly smelly pop-offs, or the way he says "of course" instead of yes in answer to a question. I'm sure most of it is just adorable to my husband and I, being his parents and all, but this I had to share...

One of Zak's first words was "cheers" ("shoes" was his first word after mum and dad!) and he took to clinking his milk against my glass immediately after learning this word. And wouldn't rest until everyone in the room was "cheersed". Then he'd toast his toast, his ice blocks, his bananas and rice cakes - pretty much anything that went into his mouth. So ocassionally little cars too. But the other day, while Layla was having a feed, he says "cheers Layla" and clinked... my BOOB! hehe Well, I guess it IS her drink, and it's sweet that he wanted to include her!

So what's your child do that has you rolling around the floor laughing? I'd love to hear. Bx


Anonymous said...

Bahahahahahaa :D cute

chantal said...

While travelling home on a plane, my son who is three vomited on decent, he asked who was driving the plane? daddy told him it was the captain. tyler looked up with tears trailing down his ghost white face while clutching a sick bag and asked "captain feathersword?"

Brooke said...

At 4 months my son is making us laugh with raspberries. He blows them at us, toys, the wall, trees, anything. Some of his noises are pretty funny too - especially when they sound like words.

belinda graham said...

haha too cute, Chantal. My sister is a pilot. On a trip to South Africa with my mum, she went to visit mum at her seat on her break. the little girl in front of mum was crying and her mother thought it'd cheer her up to point out "oh look, here's the pilot!". but it wasn't the best thing to say to a child scared of flying: the poor thing freaked out even more, screaming that there was no one flying the plane! hehe oops!

My daughter Layla is at the same stage, Brooke. And she actually copies us when we blow raspberries at her. Aren't babies adorable!?

Sarah Rogers said...

I thought my daughter was a genius baby because she copied us blowing raspberries!!! Hmm... perhaps we just have the three smartest 4 month olds on the planet?? Instead of crying when she wakes up, Milly will lie in her crib blowing raspberries until I attend to her. Sooooo cute!!

She laughs out loud when I play peek-a-boo with her and it puts me in stitches. There is a video on the blog - check it out: ameliasamazingadventures.blogspot.com

Jennifer Ramos said...

Haha Now how did that baby figure that out? SO CUTE!

Jen Ramos
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