Friday, October 17, 2008

welcome to... baby boy mansour's room!

Oh have you ever seen a more glamourous nursing chair? This ebay score was repainted by Viv and is the best accessory to the Catherine Martin for Porter's Paints circus wallpaper. The paper pom pom is a reminder of her baby party which was held last week.

What a lucky little guy (unless of course, the ultrasound is wrong and a little girl pops out; it's happened!). Due in just a few weeks, he'll have this gorgeous room to greet him. His mum, Vivian, has been a busy bee wallpapering, painting and decorating - as heavily pregnant women do so well - and has graciously shared her work with us all. I spy lots of pretty things here. I think I'm in love with the light and I love that it's so beautifully bright, but subtly with a two-tone palette of red and white. All up, it's a perfect modern nursery for a modern little boy. And, if the ultrasound does turns out to be wrong, it's also perfect for a modern little girl. A true gender-neutral room!

Who sleeps here? Our baby boy is due November 1 and he'll be sleeping here. Can't wait for him to arrive!
What was your initial inspiration for the room? I knew I didn't want it to be a typical boys room - all blue. I fell in love with the red toadstool artwork bought from Etsy and it all flowed from there from the red wallpaper, elephant design on the cot sheets, toys and chair. The colour is scattered around the room.

The beautiful Cariboo basinette will come in handy. Not everyone loves basinettes/cradles, but I couldn't live without mine. They're smaller so the baby feels more cocooned (think of their living quarters before they're born!), they usually rock (also reminder of The Womb) and they're small enough to keep by your bed for night feeds and comfort (for you and the baby). And when you have two little ones close together (like moi!) there is no need to buy another cot - the older child can go into a bed just before the new bub outgrows their cradle.

How did you build on this inspiration? The rest of the house is light and neutral and didn't want this room to be too far different. We started by removing the heavy curtains and painted the walls of the room the same colour as used in the rest of the house. The built-in wardrobe was black and too depressing for the small space so we painted it white. The original light fitting came with the house and was awful. We replaced it with a white pendant light bought from Freedom. It looks wonderful when it's turned on - the walls sparkle! We also added a neutral rug from Ikea. So we had a simple, clean palette to build onto from there. I knew I wanted to add a bold impact in some way so the room wouldn't look too clinical. The bright circus wallpaper from Catherine Martin's range at Porters Paints is perfect for the space. And the other walls didn't have to be re-painted - the paper matched perfectly.
What's your fave piece in the room? Probably the wallpaper. It's not the first thing you see when you walk into the room but I like that it is an unexpected surprise when you turn around. I love the artwork from Etsy also. The toadstool print is by Etsy seller Ickleson and the "Too hard, too soft, just right" print is by Etsy seller Sarah Jane Studios.

The toadstool print that started the red and white theme, from Etsy seller

Best bargain? The toy elephant which my husband and I picked up from the markets for $5. It was the first baby purchase we made. Also, we had seen similar sleigh cots in store for upwards of $1000. We ended up paying $300 for a brand new cot made by a Melbourne furniture maker selling on eBay.
Biggest splurge? The wallpaper. The paper itself wasn't too expensive but we paid for a person to hang it professionally. I didn't trust myself to line it up correctly.

Did you know you can get a sleigh cot for just $300? Viv found one via an ebay furniture seller - a super-find!

Any handmade touches you did yourself? The antique loveseat, won on eBay, was in great condition and originally had a varnished brown mahogany frame. I felt the frame was too dark for the room so I took to it with white glossy paint. I'm so happy with the results.
How would one get this look? Avoid anything too "cutesy" that screams baby room and incorporate classic pieces which can grow with the child. The change table on top of the dresser from Snooze is removable so we can reuse the dresser afterwards. The loveseat is also a classic design which might not always live in this space but can be used in other rooms. Also add impact is some way for example, paper a wall or all walls. There are some fantastic wallpaper designs on the market. It's hard to choose between them.

The cheeky monkey (grab one from Baby's Got Style) is boss of the elephants! The cot sheet set is Nest Nursery Albi the Elephant, available from Cradle Rock. Sweeeeet

Nursery buy you can't live without? The dresser has been handy for storing all of the cute baby clothes we've bought and received as gifts. I'm trying to be organised and have the clothes sorted in order of size. We'll see how long that lasts though!
What's next for this space? This room will remain a bedroom. When the little one grows up we'll remove the change table from the dresser and replace the cot with a single bed.

Congrats, Viv, on a beautiful job. And thank you for sharing. If you want more, Vivian has been documenting her nursery makeover on her blog Ish & Chi and has such amazingly good taste, I can't help but wonder what the rest of her house is like. I feel a renovate + decorate house tour coming on... Wishing you all the best for a happy and safe delivery. We'll have to have you back for a birth story!


Audrey Lumiere said...

oooohhhhh the love seat *swoon*

Anonymous said...

Truly a Master Piece!
Mini Pendant Light

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