Wednesday, July 2, 2008

awesome kids storage solutions I wish were available here

A cosy zone perfect for adults and kids. From Cookie magazine

Sometimes I wish I lived in the States. And could afford to spend $US600 on a storage box, another $500 on a funky chair, $860 on a coffee table and $675 on a - drumroll pls - bowl. Because then I could easily re-create this very cool kid-friendly living space. Price tag aside, I love this room - the pieces are so clever: the table has pull-out storage drawers, the large bowl makes an art form out of Lego and small cars instead of a colourful mess, and the chair is just cool, albeit a little hard. A cosy cushion would top it off beautifully.

Charles Storage Table in Walnut, $US599, Jennifer Delonge

My absolute fave item in this room is the round play-and-store Charles Storage Table with the chalkboard top (above). But alas, the very clever (and stylish, check out her home on renovate + decorate and son's nursery above) Jennifer Delonge range of great kids furniture isn't available here so I'll have to admire from afar. Or possibly employ a carpenter to custom-make something similar. But this would certainly solve the common problem of storing kids stuff stylishly in adult spaces - and keep them busy in the process. I'd love one in my living room. The chalkboard lid flips over to a wood top as well so you could even use it as a coffee or side table that turns into a babysitter at the flip of the lid!

Charles Storage Table in Birch, $US599, Jennifer Delonge

PS: It's not round or quite as cool as the Charles Storage Table, but this one is available here from Adairs Kids: the chalkboard table keeps them entertained, the storage drawers keep the room tidy. Noice.

Blackboard play table, $349, Adairs Kids

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