Tuesday, July 22, 2008

things i'd forgotten about that happen after giving birth

1. Your hair falls out This is so not fun for yourself, let alone everyone else in your family who has to fish out long strands from their food or have it cling to their clothes. Particularly bad when it wraps around your eyeball. Ever had this happen? Too weird.
2. You sweat - a lot I kept waking up in pools of sweat wondering if the heater was on too high, but as soon as I'd get out of bed to pick up Layla from her cradle, I'd realise the room was actually freezing. Took me a couple of days to remember your body expells all the extra water and fluids your body used during the pregnancy. What makes it even more of a joy is that it's winter so once you get up out of the warm bed covers, it's icy cold which only makes the fact your clothes are wet even worse!
3. The fun that is baby brain I don't know if I can blame all my hopelessness on baby brain, but I am really good at forgetting things, dropping things and getting things all mixed up. Could be the fatigue, could be hormonal changes, but could just be the fact I did all this before and it's only just been exasperated after giving birth!
4. Breastfeeding is a messy sport If you're not waking up soaked through from sweat, it'll be the leaking breasts that was the problem. And don't let anyone get too close to you while you're trying to get the baby to latch on cause if they're still getting the hang of it, chance are, your milk will be fountaining all over them, you, the couch and possibly the person sitting on it next to you. I found a tight singlet at nighttime under my pjs is the only way to keep the pads in place so they'll be effective.
5. Babies change their sleep routines as often as we change their nappies Just when you think they like a three-hour nap in the morning, they change to cat napping. Once you're used to that, they won't sleep at all. Finally worked out how to cope with an awake baby all day, and they'll alternate a long sleep, short sleep. Keeps you on your toes!

But it's all good. Something new I've discovered now I have two children: they don't like to synchronise their sleep times. So this basically means I don't get a real break until 7pm when they both go down for the night. But that does mean LOTS of quality time with them both! And means Tuesdays are soooo easy with one baby when Zakky visits his grandparents! So, due to all the craziness, I'll be blogging every second day here and at renovate + decorate on the off days.
So what weird and wonderful things did you discover after having a baby?

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