Friday, July 18, 2008

they're here! layla's birth announcement cards

Modern + cool: Layla's birth announcements by Dizzy Wizzy Design

You might recall me posting a shortlist a little while back of birth announcements for Layla. Well, I was having trouble deciding and then receieved a lovely email from a lady named Natalie Sullivan who'd just started up a stationery design business in WA and offered to design Layla's cards. The sample she included in the email was sooo me: it had zebra print on it! If you're a regular reader of renovate + decorate you'll know by now how much I love it (I post about it ad nauseam) so of course how could I turn down her offer? Especially when she said it was Zak's rug that inspired her! I love her design - it's funky and modern and cool with just a hint of pink, and I particularly love the fact it's a postcard. What a cute idea! You can just write a message and send (or still do the traditional method and pop in an envelope).

The back (not the clearest pic, but Layla's name and birthday are in the stamp spot - cute!)

So a huge big thank you to Natalie - they're fab! You must check her out her site, Dizzy Wizzy Design, which will launch in a few months. I'll keep you posted when it does.


Anonymous said...

Its totally perfect and so you :P

Baby Birth Announcement Cards said...

I love the card. They are perfect!!