Wednesday, July 9, 2008

newest baby buys

Layla needed a pair of ballet shoes and another soft toy. Needed it I tell you!

I've gone a little crazy lately shopping for cute little baby things. But how can you not when there are soooo many cool things around? Here are a few of the latest items to dent my savings account.

Lucky me, not only did my Merle Oobee arrive so well-dressed, I scored two blank cards and a lovely congrats letter from Merle's creator Leslie. I love how Etsy sellers give you little bonuses - I think it should be mandatory in stores! Oobee, $46, One Girl Designwrks

Aren't these the cutest? Little cotton ballet slippers from a French clothing label. They were only $AUS11. ELEVEN dollars. I should have bought a whole heap - would make great gifts! I don't want to wish her life away, but I can't wait until Layla grows a tiny bit more so she can wear them. The ribbon-wrapped paper envelope contains the invoice - only the French could dress up an invoice! Clara shoes in beige (also in white and pink), $11, Chateau de Sable

Where the new buys call home, with a little white suitcase, $11.95, from Baby's Got Style

Still to come: these three gorgeous Belle & Boo postcards I'm going to frame for one of the walls in Layla's nursery corner. Check out this site for cute magnets and badges as well as beautiful prints and greeting cards. The website is really cute too!

Patience Brown postcard, 1.75 pounds, Belle & Boo

Joy White postcard, 1.75pounds, Belle & Boo

Lola Freedom postcard, 1.75pounds, Belle & Boo

And also, I ordered some too-cute personalised silhouette stationery for the kids from fabulous Etsy seller Saratams. I love sending the grandparents little letters from the babies. And they love receiving them! You get to totally customise these stationery options from the colours, fonts, silhouettes to the text.

I got this colour and style with a little girl holding a balloon for extra thank yous from Layla. Folded note cards, $US24 for pack of 16 with envelopes, Saratams

I got Max and Grace silhouettes in the Pool colour (below) with Zak and Layla. Sooo cute!!! Flat note cards, $US20 for set of 16 with envelopes, Saratams

Your huge range of options

PS: Instructions on how to wallpaper a dresser like the one above can be found here


Anonymous said...

that's an uber cute toy!

Silverdale florist

Anonymous said...

I'm a huge fan of framing artist postcards. I love miniature artwork and the associated price :)
I heart those oobies. so sweet :) Layla is a lucky little baby girl.

Chantal Butcher said...

You have just given my a great idea for cubes that i have in each of the boys room, i have them made at work from 32mm MDF and 2 pack painted but because i didnt want to put them together post paintroom the paint job isnt that fantasic on the inside, wallpaper just may be the answer, now to find boy friendly wallpaper.

All so i have just tagged you at interior dreaming to play along ith a blogging game.

Nicola said...

that joy white postcard is actually on my desk right in front of me!