Monday, June 23, 2008

birth announcement time...

Cute little birds, and Zak would get a mention! From Tiny Prints

I was debating about whether or not to make these myself again like I did with Zak, or take the so-called easy route and just purchase them. I say so-called easy because I have spent a few days looking online at gorgeous announcements and have discovered sooo many pretty ones I can't choose! I didn't even get past page 15 on the Etsy search site... Here are a few of my faves - I'm considering it my short list because I just don't have time to look anymore!! I would love to DIY, but I remember how long it took last time and with two babies, it could be next year before people receive them!

I love the colours in this one - not too pink! From Tiny Prints

Cute blossoms and subtle colouring. From Etsy seller Tiny Tot Greetings

A little bright - I actually love their more subtle blue and chocolate version - but the pattern, font and layout is divine. From Etsy seller Ink Obsession

So, what's your fave? And while I won't be searching myself anymore, I certainly won't ignore anyone's links to fab sites! So if you used someone great or know of a great online stationery store that sells cool announcements, please point me in the right direction. I'll post the end result once I decide and get them!


Ninka said...

I like the first one the best.

I used this place and they were great. Beautiful quality and they turned them around in 3 days (although it then took me 7 mths to post them out!)

Love the new blog too! You have combined my 3 fav things, babies & decorating :)

And a big welcome to your precious Layla :)

Edith said...

These are beautiful baby cards. I found some very cute baby shower invites and birth announcements at and

See what you think. Patti

Anonymous said...

I like the first one :)

Courtney said...

I like all of them! The cherry blossom one, though, struck me as seeming most "like you". any of them would work great. Btw, I'm a little slow, and have only just followed you over. Congrats again on Layla...and also your new blog!

dani_luigi said...

I like the first and second. love the birdies on the first one.

Marcela said...

I like the second one best out of those three. All designs are great but that second one is really nice! You may also want to check out birth announcements at I've been working with them recently and I like a lot of the ones they have. Congrats and good luck on your choice :)

Amanda said...

Welcome to the world baby Layla!

They're all gorgeous announcements but my fav' is the little birds. And it's a bonus that her big brother would get his name in print aswell.

Bespoke Press said...

Congratulations on the birth of baby Lelya! I am an avid reader of your renovate + decorate blog and am so excited to see that you have started up a new blog for beautiful babies!!

I have just started up a letterpress studio in Brisbane and would love to produce you some beautiful letterpressed birth announcements as a gift to say thankyou for filling my days with such joy from your blogs. It would be such a pleasure to design and print something especially for you and baby Leyla!

You can find out more info about my studio from my blog

Warm Regards,

belinda graham said...

thanks guys for all the links - they're all great. will have to have more babies so i can use them all! haha!
Alischa, thank you sooo much for your lovely offer - how nice are my readers? I've had two generous offers from Aussie graphic designers to do Layla's cards - I'm in talks with someone at the moment, but I'd love to see your stuff and would be happy to promote your studio on either blog. I'm huge on giving up-and-comers a helping hand anyway I can! I don't suppose you do customised kids stationery? Am looking into that next!! Thanks again and feel free to send me some of your work to

Steph Bond said...

Hi Belinda,
Congratulations on the birth of little Layla! I just posted this on your Mummy cards post and deleted as it's more relevant here:

I love both the Tiny Prints and Tiny Tot Greetings cards. I had a great experience with Tiny Prints. Here's how mine turned out:

The price per announcement is really reasonable but international shipping is a bit out of control. If you know anyone in the US, have it shipped to them and they can send them to you at a decent price. (That's what I did). Also, the finish on the cards is matte and the printing is quite light; it's not a strong saturated colour. I was a bit surprised when I saw them, but now I love them; they are a bit different.

You'll have to let us know which one you chose!