Saturday, June 21, 2008

nursery inspiration: dwellstudio

DwellStudio Garden Print. How cute is the little bird silhouette? Stuck on the wall, it looks like it's perched on the cot! This is basic DIY - cut out the shape in pretty paper and glue to the wall!

By the looks of my blog statistics on renovate + decorate, a heap of you are Googling nursery ideas and inspiration. And a quick flick through popular baby sites like Essential Baby and Bub Hub has threads dedicated to the topic with members posting their own handiwork. Sooo, I'm going to do my best to make it a regular feature here with inspiring rooms, decor ideas and nursery tours of REAL little people's cool pads (not just magazine stylists' creative ideas). To kick it off, I thought I'd share these pics from one of my fave labels - DwellStudio. If the cot sets didn't set me back $290 each time, I'd invest in every one of them cause they're so cool. I also love their simple, stylish nurseries. I know these are styled to an inch of their lives and hardly practical in real rooms, but I do think there are a couple of ideas to steal from each of them!

DwellStudio Choc Spot Print. I love the garland hanging in place of a mobile. Not sure if it's made from paper or fabric, but I think it'd be something you could easily make yourself with either.

DwellStudio Carousel print. Another garland, but I'm sure I've seen this before - anyone recognise it?

DwellStudio Transportation print. Love how the theme carries through on the wall art and ride-on. And an Eames rocker just screams "cool". All pics above from Baby's Got Style

DwellStudio Cowboy and Cowgirl print. Pic from Luxury Labels

This combined boy/girl room I love - I'm going to do something kinda similar when my son and daughter move in together. I have so far decorated my son's room three times (and he's only 19 months old!), so another attempt in a few months won't faze me at all! I'm looking forward to it and have already started a bit of a moodboard. I'll show you my plans soon...


Chantal Butcher said...

Great work belinda, Just how do you check your stats??? I will send you oicks of j nursery when i get me chair to see if its up to standard for your posts!!!!!

belinda graham said...

Oh goody! Am sure it'll be great, can't wait to see! You have to set up the stats yourself by signing up to a stat counter like Google Analytics or Statcounter. Then you just copy and paste the code they give you to your blog (under layout, add the html feature and copy the code into there). Let me know if you have problems.