Friday, June 20, 2008

so-simple baby gift

Boy + girl versions

It's been a busy birthing month this one - a good friend of mine gave birth to her daughter on my due date, June 5 (how jealous I was!), my colleague, Nat, gave birth to her son on Monday, I popped out Layla last Wednesday and another friend from my mother's group is being induced next week. So it's gifts galore at the moment - giving and receiving. I love giving gifts - it gives me great pleasure rounding up a few little items and packaging them nicely. I also love a personal touch - something handmade whether it's a card, creative wrapping or the gift itself. This latest baby boom had me making this simple little singlets.

And I can't forget my little Layla - she gets an elephant

It cost virtually nothing (the singlet itself was a whole $3), took about an hour to do and while it might not last the distance, the baby will probably outgrow it first!! And it's so simple, anyone can do it. Just cut out a shape - a heart, a star, an animal, the initial of the child's first name - pin to the front of the singlet, shirt or onesie, and stitch around the silhouette a few millimetres from the edge.

A pretty pink newborn parcel

I paired my little singlet with a wooden letter of bub's initial and packaged it in a cute little pink suitcase from Baby's Got Style which is great for storage or as baby's first bag (a friend of mine used her little red case as a nappy bag for the first few months!)

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Chantal Butcher said...

Belinda where do you find the time????? your friends are very lucky to have you making pressies for them!!!!