Wednesday, June 25, 2008

you're invited to... an online baby shower

Invite nicked from Hey Bubbles

How's this for a cute idea! I discovered this on Leslie's blog (good luck for the last few weeks of your preg and birth, by the way! Let us know how you go with the birth skills below!) and had to share for all the new and expecting mums out there. Basically, you sign up, get assigned a "swap" partner and have to make a little handmade gift for your partner's new or soon-to-be-new addition. It's as simple as that. I'm signing up cause who doesn't like to receive gifts?! Just have to think about what on earth to make the little cherub I'll be gifting. I'm nowhere near as creative as some people out there so don't want to disappoint! Oh, the pressure! Check out the details and register here at Hey Bubbles.

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