Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Isn't she sweet? A baby rattle with a difference - soft fabric (so no accidental bumps to the head) and tinkling bells inside. Lil Sock Baby Rattle, $US16, Chickabiddybaby

Welcome to my new blog! Knowing how obsessed I became with all things 'baby' after giving birth to my son Zak, 19 months ago, I had no doubt it'd be the same the second time around - which happened to be last Wednesday! While pregnant with my daughter Layla, I tried my hardest to refrain from posting too frequently about baby things on my blog, renovate + decorate. But some things slipped by! So, in an attempt to avoid boring those not interested in birth stories, cool gifts, nursery ideas, labour-pain relief and settling techniques, I figured I'd start a new blog dedicated to babies and pregnancy. I've been thinking about doing this for quite a while, but never found the time. Not sure how I'll manage two blogs with a newborn in the house and a very excitable toddler, but I'll give it a go! Let's think of this one as a mini online mag - my dream job would be to edit a kids magazine with a bit of an emphasis on interiors (real living for babies?!), so until that happens, this is my way of doing it! I'm no expert, but I think the best advice and info comes from us real mums anyway - I don't know how I would have survived pregnancy without Essential Baby! So please pop by regularly and let me know what you'd like to see on here...
Belinda x


amy t sharp said...

yay! A new place to come and swoon!
You should check these out!

Lark said...

Hello Belinda, I'm looking forward to reading your new blog! I love the idea of Real Living for babies &kids - what a dream mag that would be!


dani_luigi said...

excellent idea. I would buy real living for babies in a flash :P

Chantal Butcher said...

Hi Belinda, congratulation on the two new things in your life, layla and mini meez! Real living for babies? I would have to add it to my collection of magazines, that each month i tell myself i am not going to buy, then of course, I do. Now if you DO start this mag, which isnt as crazy as i'm it sounds in your head when you first dreamt of it. I would have to audition for a spot as an contributor. LOL but very serious!!