Friday, June 20, 2008

lovely little layla

Just a few hours old

Proud parent moment: my daughter, Layla, born last Wednesday. So far she's settled in beautifully - has slept up to six hours at night and appears to be able to sleep through anything (ie, Zak slapping her on the head, screaming and laughing in her ear and playing footy/cricket/anything ball-related in front of her cradle). I'm hoping this all continues as I've done the hard yards with a non-sleeper - Zak cat-napped for half an hour only - but she showed signs of following in her brother's footsteps today, and was awake for the best part of five hours. Fingers crossed it was a one-off!!

As for Zak, I was worried he'd not take to her very well, but seems happy enough - just a bit whingy and had a very large screaming match this evening. I'm thinking the past week or so has caught up with him - late nights, me not at home, visitor after visitor, overstimulation, new person in the house. Did anyone else have this problem? How did you cope?


Anonymous said...

Aww you have beautiful babies :) Loving the new blog.


aww they are both goregous!!! layla is so like zak when he was a baby! give them both a big kiss and cuddle off me :) spk soon lotsa lv and kisses aimie xxxx

mein™ said...

such sweetlings... congrats belinda!xo elaine