Thursday, June 19, 2008

has your baby got style?

Oobi Baby's adorable baby. Pic by Sheena Cooke, courtesy Baby's Got Style

I'd like to think mine do - but then this is basically saying that I think my own style is fabulous seeing as I'm the one buying for and dressing them. And I wouldn't go that far... But I do think they're adorable so I might get all stage mum-like and enter Zak into the Baby's Got Style kids casting call for their summer advertising campaign. It's as simple as emailing a photograph. Head here to find out more:
And just in case you think your bub needs a bit of help in the fashion department, you can cheat their way to style by entering the comp to win a photoshoot with renowned children's photographer Sheena Cooke who shot the adorable picture above. The prize is worth $1000 and your child will get to wear cool clothes on loan from Baby's Got Style. All you have to do is shop at their online store this month. Details on the homepage. Good luck!


Chantal Butcher said...

I think great photography and styling go hand in hand to be a successful in business but more so for a web based store. This pic is absolutely divine, how cool would it be to see your own bub strutting their stuff – or drooling all over it - for a photo shoot.
Thanks for the link to styled baby


dani_luigi said...

I always use to say if my kids look cool and styled and COMFORTABLE that's all that matters. That way if I am having a bad day or feel like being ok, that's ok. People still know i have style because my kids are super funky :P

baby's got style was a favourite of mine for both my girls and i was in love with that beanie. I brought a very similar one for my daugther and she refused to wear it. Always pulled it off as soon as it was on her head.

belinda graham said...

My son has the beanie too - love it! he actually likes his though!!