Thursday, June 26, 2008

"L" is for Layla

Layla's initial - customised by moi. You can see how here

How many kids rooms do you know of that don't have the child's name or initial featured somewhere in it? Not many, I'm guessing. It's a hugely popular trend that doesn't seem to be disappearing anytime soon. So, the trick is to try and do something a little different. So what's out there aside from wooden letters? If you want to create something yourself, you can simply customise a plain plywood letter like I did above (instructions here). Or if you'd rather someone did the hard work for you, here are a few ideas...

I love this! A gorgeous elephant wall decal with your child's name printed all over it. You get the choose the colours and it's also available in a giraffe shape. Elephant decal, $65 plus $20 for customised name, The Wall Sticker Company

Fabric-covered letters. You can get pretty versions from Freedom or try this eBay seller for this gorgeous paisley "W"

Get cursive - Empire Vintage's pretty font is priced $45 per letter and is available in white, red or black

Choose your fave fabric from 12 patterns and create your own word at Wallspace. Cost is $20 per letter

And if the wall just doesn't do it for you, go for these cute little blocks with letter decals, $8 per block, The Wall Sticker Company


gilchrist1 said...

Hiya Belinda, just thought I'd share my own idea - something I did for my son's room. Basically, I bought some el-cheapo canvasses (the nice thick ones), stuck some wadding over them and staple gunned some fabric on.

I then staple gunned plain white wooden lettering onto that. Looking at them now, i probably could have forgone the wadding, but i like the extra depth it gives. Here's some piccies (the last one shows all the letters)...

Oh and fwiw, the gingham fabric is cheap as chips from Lincraft and the other fabric i got from Ebay. : )

belinda.b said...

Ohh Bel, Im never going to be able to invite you over to my house EVER again.... The girls rooms will look the same - so many nice ideas.

Bel. 3 sleeps to go.

PS. where do u find the time?

wall sticker said...

Nice wall sticker, are they removable?